Online courses

There are WAY too many certificates floating around in this industry. As a result, my courses don’t provide them. What they DO provide is knowledge and insight that can help you in your career, or even help you to get certificates from other providers.

My online courses are in the form of video lectures or audio downloads. There are no quizzes, no coursework and no bullshit. I cut out all the waffle and get to the point to give you the information you need.

Courses are sold with 12 months access, and refunds after accessing the materials are at my discretion.

More courses are planned so check in often.

The Security Consultant Masterclass is designed for anyone who wants to provide security consultancy but isn’t sure how to start. It is not about security, it is about the selling of security advice. I cover everything from how to construct a service to what to charge.

The Security Risk Masterclass is designed for anyone who wants to develop world-class insight into how to address the corporate issues of security risk. This course will provide enough wisdom for you to enter the top 1% of practitioners in the world. Leave the blaggers behind.

This course is still in development and will be released Summer 2021.

The 100% Unofficial Certified Information Security Manager course is designed to support anyone intending on taking this certification. I teach exactly what is needed to succeed in short, clear lessons, with a bit of humour. This course is not endorsed by ISACA and no guarantees are made as to your exam success. I am one of the most successful instructors for this topic in the world, so make up your own mind.

Many security practitioners simply do not know how to design or deliver a compelling presentation. This short online course fixes that. This isn’t just for security people, by the way.