It can be difficult forging a career in security. Honest, informed advice that is in your best interests can be hard to find.

There is a long line of people waiting to give you bad advice for free or sell you a long list of courses that you might not even need.

I provide a career coaching service, dedicated to helping people at all stages of their security careers. Whether you are trying to break in or you’ve been doing this for years, I can help you find career clarity and develop a strategy to achieve it.

We begin with an introductory session without any obligation.This session costs £99 and lasts for one hour, usually performed by Zoom.

After the first session, we will both have a good idea about whether we want to continue working together. I’m not the gentlest of coaches, and I’m more than willing to fire my clients if I feel it isn’t working out.

Clients can book sessions in blocks of either 3, 5 or 12, and these are usually delivered on a monthly basis.

Payment is by bank transfer to UK bank upon invoice.

Are you making progress or excuses?