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Apparently, anyone can call themselves ‘The Security Doctor’, and UK Law doesn’t really care whether it is true, only who did it first.

The good news is that you’ve reached my website, and I AM a genuine Doctor of Security Risk Management. I am one of the most qualified security risk practitioners on the planet, and with over 25 years of experience as a consultant and educator. You’re in good hands. Accept no imitations.

One of the biggest problems with the security sector is that there are so many experts, all of whom are just doing what they have always done.

I prefer to think differently about the problem of security risk, whether we are talking physical, information, cyber or organisational.

The first thing I throw at your problems is my mind, not your budget.






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This includes complete episodes of general content, as well as Why you SUCK at Security, Why your security SUCKS and How to Save the Security Industry.

It’s been described as ‘my best monthly investment‘ and ‘too cheap‘.

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The Surgery